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"Bro-country is what they’re calling the trend now of the new music and a lot of it’s really, really great. I think for us, while there’s always a necessity to evolve musically if you sound like you’re chasing something particularaly us.. if we sounded like we were going to chase something, I think our fans would of seen right through it. So, it was really important for us like I said, in the beginning to be true to ourselves and try not to sound like we were chasing a trend. Uhm, I think country music is great right now but I think we are ready for a couple of female’s to breakthrough because it’s so male-driven right now and I think we’re poised to launch a couple other big female stars and that would be great to see." - Rascal Flatts on the bro-country trend


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I moved to Nashville because I wanted to play country like what Vince Gill was doing in a way that’s a tip of the hat to the purists but also bring your own qualities as a musician to the game. Playing guitar was a safe haven to let loose of my emotions as a teenager. Maybe the only difference now is i’m an adult.

Carrie to be recognized at the 2014 ACM Honor Awards!

Carrie is one of a few select artists to receive an ACM Honor award this year. The (off air) awards are set for Sept. 9 at Nashville’s legendary Ryman Auditorium. Carrie will receive the Gene Weed Special Achievement Award, which recognizes the success she’s had within the country genre. x

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